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  • 1 Click & Go  1)   1 Click & Go 1.2994
    1 Click & Go looks as a Windows toolbar designed for easy access, open and execute files and folders that you often use. Program similar well-known Microsoft Office Panel, but not lose configuration in case of a system crash. It supports the Drag&Dro

  • 1kbmanypc.2.1  2)   1kbmanypc.2.1 1
    One Keyboard many pc plus mouse incorperates all types of computers use many pcs with one keyboard and mouse.

  • 4x4Calc  3)   4x4Calc 1.00 - 4x4 Off Road Calculator Use this program for calculations for your modifications project. It currently has three mini-calculators. Select your calculator by clicking on the various tabs.

  • A Brighter Side of Life  4)   A Brighter Side of Life 1.0
    A lighter and brighter look at life and what its all about. Some comedy and some quirky aspects of every day life. Designed to break the boredom and mundane aspects of every day life, give us a try, these eLerts will enrich your life.

  • A Daily Rock Quote  5)   A Daily Rock Quote 1.0.2
    'A Daily Rock Quote' delivers daily quotes that rock by the worlds best most musicians! Every time you start your computer, or at other times that you specify, this program will display a random quote of the day.

  • abcNotes  6)   abcNotes 1.3.1
    abcNotes - Simply the most realistic & user friendly notes in the world! Have you ever seen buttons on a paper Note? I've never. This why there are not buttons on abcNotes!

  • Active Tray  7)   Active Tray 1.0
    Active Tray is a fully customizable tray launcher, system tray manager, and hotkey manager, allowing you to create your own tray icons and multiple-item, cascading pop-up menus.

  • advanceweb  8)   advanceweb 1.0
    This application,"SnapShot", takes screenshots for upright cycle and other product images.

  • advantagesector  9)   advantagesector 1.0
    This application,"PCLoupe", magnifies upright cycle and other product images.

  • AF ScreenSaver  10)   AF ScreenSaver 1.0
    AF ScreenSaver is powerful and user friendly screensaver utility for Windows. With AF ScreenSaver you can play your favorites Flash movies as screensaver or you can create YOUR own Windows screensaver (and redistribute it) with powerful and easy-to-u

  • AIB Artificial Intelligence Being 2003  11)   AIB Artificial Intelligence Being 2003 2.0
    AIB Artificial Intelligence Being 2003 (C)Isomer Programming(TM) is an advanced chatterbot intended to be used as a desk assistant and for entertainment purposes, with speech recognition and text-to-speech synthesis.

  • Alarm Notes  12)   Alarm Notes 2.0
    <b>Alarm Notes!</b> Reminders without the clutter! Easily hide all notes at once, or roll up to a single line. Set an alarm for each note for ontime alerts, or repeat them daily, by day of the week, or even by day of the month! Very easy to use!

  • Alarmbelle  13)   Alarmbelle 1.0
    PC alarm clock with stopwatch, timer and metric conversion. Set multiple alarms with music, graphic or video alert. Stopwatch with record keeping.

  • AlarmWave  14)   AlarmWave 1.0.1
    AlarmWave is a program that will allow you to turn your computer into a customizable alarm clock! You can set different alarms at different times of the day, great for waking up to your favorite tunes, or as a timer! Supports Midis, Mp3s, and Waves.

  • AltDesk Portable  15)   AltDesk Portable 1.8
    Portable Virtual Desktops Manager: it enables you to work on various tasks simultaneously without opening/closing application windows each time. AltDesk keeps your Desktop clean and saves your time. The program look can be changed by applying skins.

  • AltSwitch  16)   AltSwitch 1.1
    AltSwitch is an advanced replacement for the standard Windows Alt-Tab task switcher. AltSwitch lets easily navigate between tasks running on your computer. For each task small preview image is displayed. Skins are supported.

  • ALTZ  17)   ALTZ 1.0
    ALTZ gives you control over your open windows to quickly hide and stay on top of things.

  • Amazing Desktop  18)   Amazing Desktop 2.0
    Unlimited Desktop Space: Amazing Desktop lets you use tabs and panels to manage applications on your desktop. Each application is attached to a tab so that you can switch applications easily. The panels let you easily compare & copy information.

  • Animated Inverse Cursor Scheme  19)   Animated Inverse Cursor Scheme 1.1
    A collection of Animated Inverse Cursors for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000. There are 39 cursors in the set. The cursors are copyrighted but free for personal use.

  • Anti-Spyware Free Scan  20)   Anti-Spyware Free Scan 1.0
    A free miles to kilometers and kilometers to miles converter. It is confusing, but kilometers are here to stay and if you're in the USA, you are still used to miles. So, how far did you go? Use this converter and see. Just save it to your desktop

  • Aston2 Menu  21)   Aston2 Menu 1.3.1
    Aston2 Menu opens the new line of Aston2 products. It completely replaces regular start menu and can be customized and filled with different widgets. Aston2 Menu is skinnable, supports animation, has flexible configuration and is very convenient.

  • Atom XP  22)   Atom XP 1.0
    Very cool Windows XP bootscreen of flying atoms.

  • Audials Music Web TV  23)   Audials Music Web TV 1
    Watch the best Music Web TV stations on your PC for free. Freeware includes Windows Vista Sidebar Gadget and stand alone client software. Including web tv stations: MTV, SlamTV, PlayTV, TMF Party, TMF Pure, DeluxeMusic TV, E-Music & 70 more channels!

  • Auto Mouse Clicker EXT  24)   Auto Mouse Clicker EXT
    Free automated mouse clicking on your screen by coordinates or wherever you decide to leave your mouse. Also includes a screen coordinate finder.

  • AutoExtract 2  25)   AutoExtract 2 2.8.031005
    AutoExtract 2 is the easiest way to decompress files you have downloaded from the internet. AutoExtract sits in your system tray watching your desktop for new archives which are then decompressed it into a folder of the same name

  • backitup.2  26)   backitup.2 1
    back up data accross platforms and all typs of computers and networks

  • Basic Screen Recorder  27)   Basic Screen Recorder 1.47
    Basic Screen Recorder is a FREEWARE screen recording software which can record any on-screen activity of your windows desktop along with audio and save the recording as a compressed AVI file directly and convert it into flash format with the free onl

  • beprivate.1  28)   beprivate.1 1
    Privacy tool interactive enhance your pc privacy

  • BeTrayed  29)   BeTrayed 1.0 Beta
    BeTrayed! is a small 32 bit command line utility which allows you to easily add a collection of shortcuts to the System Tray (Notification Area in Microsoft speak) It allows you to quickly access frequently used folders, files, URLs and applications.

  • bitorrentbooster  30)   bitorrentbooster 1.1
    BiTorrentBooster is a must-have utility for all Bit Torrent P2P users.The reason lies in its capacity to enhance the speed of your downloads. Tired of Leech Pauses, Slow Download Speeds, Torrents that take days to download?

  • blog reader screensaver  31)   blog reader screensaver 1.1
    Display your favourite blogs and RSS news feeds as a screensaver. This screensaver has a built-in RSS XML feed reader.

  • Bluish Windows Bootscreen  32)   Bluish Windows Bootscreen 1.0
    This bootscreen is based on the Windows XP wall wallpaper created by zishin. The package contains two versions of english ntoskrnl.exe, with Windows XP Service Pack 1 and without Service Pack, because this two versions are not compatible.

  • BootXP  33)   BootXP 2.50
    An easy to use startup logo changer.

  • Boring XP Bootscreen  34)   Boring XP Bootscreen 1.0
    Boring XP.. Homer Simpson and Bender together in this bootscreen looking down on the windows xp progressbar...

  • Car Accident  35)   Car Accident 1.0
    Personal Injury Lawyer Toolbar for Internet Explorer. Finding the right personal injury lawyer for your needs. What type of services do personal injury lawyers provide.

  • CarRental Yahoo! Widget  36)   CarRental Yahoo! Widget 1.0
    An easy one-click way to compare prices and availability on over 40 car rental companies at every city and airport in the world. You can specify any brand or class of car to include in your search or even the "Best Buys" for each company.

  • cdcove  37)   cdcove 1.0
    This application,"rkr", rewrites articles on creatine and other products.

  • cedararrow  38)   cedararrow 1.0
    This application,"cedararrow", runs commands on your desktop and helps configure your system for home exercise equipment and other product promotion.

  • cedarbog  39)   cedarbog 1.0
    This application,"cedarbog", displays shortcuts on your desktop for home exercise equipment and other product promotion.

  • cedarbrook  40)   cedarbrook 1.0
    This application,"cedarbrook", prints a screenshot of your desktop for home exercise equipment and other product promotion.

  • cedarcircle  41)   cedarcircle 1.0
    This application,"cedarcircle", saves and restores windows icons on your desktop for home exercise equipment and other product promotion.

  • cedarcrest  42)   cedarcrest 1.0
    This application,"cedarcrest", performs desktop search of your computer files for home exercise equipment and other product promotion.

  • cedarfire  43)   cedarfire 1.0
    This application,"cedarfire", displays blue screen of death crash information for home exercise equipment and other product promotion.

  • cedarhaven  44)   cedarhaven 1.0
    This application,"cedarhaven", is a reference of facts on your desktop for home exercise equipment and other product promotion.

  • cedarlane  45)   cedarlane 1.0
    This application,"cedarlane", saves memos jotted down on your desktop for home exercise equipment and other product promotion.

  • cedarlode  46)   cedarlode 1.0
    This application,"cedarlode", is a reference of facts on your desktop for home exercise equipment and other product promotion.

  • cedarmap  47)   cedarmap 1.0
    This application,"cedarmap", is a multi-purpose desktop utility for home exercise equipment and other product promotion.

  • cedarsector  48)   cedarsector 1.0
    This application,"cedarsector", is a password utility on your desktop for home exercise equipment and other product promotion.

  • cedarsmith  49)   cedarsmith 1.0
    This application,"cedarsmith", performs music tool calculations for home exercise equipment and other product promotion.

  • cedarspring  50)   cedarspring 1.0
    This application,"cedarspring", organizes memory stick content for home exercise equipment and other product promotion.

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